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Full stack software design and development, specializing in highly scalable backends and mobile Applications

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Experience and Honesty

We started Squirrel Point Studios to provide a variety of services backed by extensive experience in high performance video and game backends, native mobile app development, web development, OTT video, IOT development, and industrial robotics.

We believe in an honest approach to meeting your goals. We will guide you to the best solution for your needs, helping to steer a project to completion in a professional manner.


Our experience can help you achieve success.

Requirements Gathering and Software System Design

Help get your project off to the best start.

Native Applications

When you need the most performant applications we have the knowledge and expertise on many platforms. Development for Apple, Android and Amazon platforms.

OTT (TV) Applications

We have shipped many native video applications for AppleTV, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire and Roku devices.

High Performance Web Services

Backend services written in Golang, Javascript/Typescript and Ruby-on-Rails.

Web Applications

Frontend development in Angular, VueJS, HTML and CSS.

Multi-platform Applications

Application development with .NET MAUI creating solutions for Mobile and Desktop in one codebase.


Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform and AWS services.

Custom IDE Tools

Tools development for Unity/Unreal.


Robotic programming on Kawasaki, ABB, and OTC/Daihen platorms for TIG/MIG/Laser welding and material handling.

3D Printing

Fused deposition 3D Printing.

CAD Modeling

CAD modeling in Fusion 360.

IOT programming

Embedded device programming.


Let us be a part of your engineering team

Jeff Cutler


Jeff has been active in the development community for over 30 years, including work in a variety of industries such as video gaming, enterprise web applications and industrial robotics. His varied experience has given him an opportunity to develop innovative solutions for a variety of client opportunities and to work within all levels of an organization. Jeff has guided the architecture and design of multiple large scale projects and has a track record of helping individual team members and organization level up their skills and practices.

Patrick McConnell


Patrick has years of experience creating applications and services. From phones, tablets and televisions to the web he has a track record of shipping projects. He has created many APIs and SDKs allowing services to be integrated with various platforms. His passion is creating native applications meeting project goals in intuitive ways.


Samples of recent work


Workout Insights


Trading Dashboard


An app for the avid hiker to track hiking goals

IB Archiver

.NET MAUI App to monitor market options

NY Market Finder

Find New York State Farmers Markets

BAGeL Radio

Streaming Radio App

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We typically use hourly rates. We find this is the fairest method for both parties. Depending on the scope of work and other factors we tailor our rates, often discounting for longer more ongoing engagements.

  • We are often asked if we would be interested in equity in startups we may partner with. While an equity arrangement is possible, we will still require payment for services. We are not looking for relationships where only equity is offered.

  • As anyone who has ever started a business can tell you coming up with a unique name is difficult. So many options are already taken. When we started the studio we looked for inspiration from things in our day to day life here in Upstate New York. One of the partners, Patrick, has been visiting a lake in the Adirondack region for almost 30 years. On that lake is a spot named 'Squirrel Point' and we didn't think it sounded half bad. We'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to find the lake.


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